This is the story that happens around us

This is a people’s movie. As a story that happens around us, it stirs people’s thoughts. I believe that the audience will definitely appreciate this honest effort,’ said Allari Naresh. His latest film is ‘Itlu Maredumilli Prajanikam’. AR Mohan is the director. Anandi is the heroine. Produced by Rajesh Danda under the banner of comedy movies. It will be released today. Allari Naresh said in the meeting organized on Thursday, ‘This is a story that highlights the flaws in the system. We see many such stories around us. Nowadays the audience likes innovation in stories.

As a part of that effort, we are making this film as an informative social drama’, he said. ‘This is not a movie. A picture of some people’s lives. Along with heart-wrenching emotions, there will be entertainment and action,’ said director A.R. Mohan. The producer said, ‘This is my first film as a producer. We believed in the story and honestly worked hard. It will please the audience with a good message’, he said.

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