This is the record of Krishna Cheku Chedara that NTR – ANNR can’t beat…!

Superstar Krishna has gone to the worlds of no return. And Krishna’s records are only ten. Can’t see him anymore. Since before Krishna, he has been known as the hero of producers and the hero of experiments. The first RVO technology came in Telugu with the movie Kolleti Kapuram. Also Guduputhani in which he acted has gone down in the records as the first film that came out with ORW color technology.

Also Bhaledongalu starring Krishna is the first Telugu fuji color movie. And Simhasanam is the first 70mm film in Telugu. Also for the same Simhasanam movie stereophonic 6 track sound technology was used for the first time in Telugu. Alluri Sitarama Raju is one of the first full scope movies in Telugu. Also, ANNR’s remake of Devadasu and NTR’s Danaveera Surakarna’s Kurukshetra are some of his daring films.

At that time, Krishna had a fan following that exceeded that of the top heroes NTR and ANNR. And Krishna has a lot of lady fan following. Krishna mostly acted in family story movies. That’s why he had a large female fan following. In those days Krishna’s fans from Telugu Nata used to travel to Chennai in trains and camp near his house to see him. Krishna has a record number of 2500 fan clubs, unlike any other hero at that time.

Krishna also created a record in terms of Sankranti movies. 30 movies starring Krishna were released for Sankranti. That is why he has become one of the heroes of Sankranti. In his 40-year film career, 30 films starring Krishna were released on Sankranti. After ANNR 33 and NTR 31 movies, Krishna Sankranti stood at the third position among the top heroes.

But Krishna’s films were released on Sankranti for 21 consecutive years. Every year from 1976 to 1996, Krishna came to Sankranti. This record is not even available to legendary heroes NTR and ANNR. Between 1964-95, he acted in more than 10 films a year. Sometimes he used to work continuously for 18 hours a day.

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