This is the only hero that Simran has not acted in Telugu.. Is he so disgusting..? Do not let him come in even if he comes home..?

This name Simran needs no special introduction. Entering the Telugu film industry as a heroine and earning a special recognition for herself, this cute grandmother shook the industry at that time. So much so that even the star heroes are busy with their call sheets. If heroes like Megastar Chiranjeevi – Nandamuri Balayya were waiting for Simran’s call sheets then it would not sell. It can be understood how much the demand is not only in Tollywood but also in Kollywood as the number one heroine.

But Simran, who acted with almost all the heroes in the Telugu industry, could not act with only one hero. Actually the hero likes her a lot. That’s why he told the directors specially and listened to the stories. However, there were reports at that time that Simran did not like the hero much from the beginning..that’s why she kept rejecting the stories of the movie no matter how many times he was proposed to her. It is known that the main reason is that he is beating himself up. Naturally, there is a talk that a hero who is crazy about popularity will say things that are not there and beat the drum.

Moreover, over-acting is too much. Rumors were heard in the industry at that time that the hero was chasing girls. Moreover, Simran also knows that he has a crush on Simran. That’s why Simran thought it was not safe to act with such heroes. At that time, even if that hero was seen in any function, he would say Namaste from a distance and never shake his hand.

At that time this matter became a big hot topic. Even though many Telugu stars went to Simran’s party, he was not even allowed to enter the house. The rumor that Atte had given a party in the garden and sent it from there also became a sensation at that time. In this way, if Simran likes you, how much value will you give.

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