This is the only condition given by Samantha for Yashoda.. Great Sam..!!

Tollywood star heroine Samantha’s first time pan India film Yashoda. People who have seen this movie are all saying the same thing. Without Samantha, this movie would not exist. Samantha’s Performance Level Peaks Samantha’s performance has never been seen anywhere. Most importantly, Samantha’s high voltage performance in action scenes is being praised as super.

Moreover, Samantha created a record by collecting more than four crores on the first day. Everyone made positive comments on her. Film analysts are of the opinion that Samantha Yashoda will soon go towards a record in this order. But Samantha has set only one condition for Yashoda. Samantha, who did not demand much remuneration, got divorced after completing half of the shoot of Yashoda.

Two weeks after the divorce, Samantha, who participated in the shooting of this movie, said that she should be left alone on the sets. He said that no one should come to him, especially that he should not bring up the mention of his divorce. As soon as Samantha finished the short with the director’s special security, she immediately went into her car van.

Moreover, Samantha is sitting very moody and sad even during the shooting. Those who worked with her say that she was very excited in the first schedule. Friends say that it is great that even after divorce, Samantha concentrates on the content without changing her face. That’s why Samantha’s name is once again trending as pan India heroine. In this order, her name is becoming viral on social media.

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