This is the only condition given by Katrina to Vicky for marriage.. which no man should accept..!!

Bollywood star heroine Katrina Kaif recently got married to her favorite boy and is enjoying married life. Katrina has been getting opportunities even though she has been in the industry for two decades.. she is still acting as a heroine in star movies.

Katrina Kaif, who loved and married Vicky Kaushal, who is younger than her, has given some conditions to Vicky Kaushal during their dating time. More importantly, if you know the conditions she has set for have to be shocked. Katrina married Vicky Kaushal on such a crazy condition. Do you know the condition given to Kaushal by Katrina?

After marriage, anyone should stay together and take part in the hardships and joys. Let it be happy..Let it be sad.. Husband and wife should live together. But Katrina has put a condition that after marriage..your money is yours, my money is mine.. How much remuneration do you get.. “I will not ask why you are using money .. you should not interfere with my remuneration..

If you want to buy any property, let’s share it.. If you don’t do that, you should not yell at me for spending it.. You should not make demands on me.. I will do whatever I can with my money. Whatever it is, let’s share it with the family at the time we think it should be.

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