This is the block buster hit movie that was the reason for Sobhanbabu-Vanisree’s love..!

Sobhanbabu is a six foot handsome man. It is natural that there are heroes who are attracted to heroines. However.. if there are heroines who were enamored with the hero.. then after NTR and Akkineni.. Shobhanbabu got it. He is so handsome. He became famous as a drunkard. Although there are many heroes in Telugu cinema.. although there are many beauties.. only Shobhan Babu got the name of Soggadu. However.. even if he is so handsome, if he gets a role that is different from his beauty, he acted without denying it.

Same.. Chelleli Kapuram movie. Kalathapasvi K. Vishwanath took. But it is said that an interesting story also happened during the shooting of this movie. And to act in this movie. The reason for Sobhanbabu’s acceptance is that actor and producer Balayya is his friend. With this, he put aside his image as a handsome actor and played a de-glamorized role.

Sobhan Babu is brilliant as Anna, who is ready to sacrifice her career as a writer for Chelleli Kapuram. Sobhan Babu took 15 thousand for this movie. However, he impressed with his acting beyond that. Shobhanbabu also received the best actor award for this movie. This is the first film produced by character actor Balayya as a producer.

The film is based on the story ‘Nalupu-Bale’ written by Balayya in a magazine. Director K. Vishwanath has given more touches to the original story. Chelleli Kapuram was released on December 27, 1971, made at a cost of four and a half lakhs. Vanishree acted as the female lead. While the shooting of this movie was going on, whispers were heard that Vanishree Shobhanbabu really had a crush on him.

At that time this news became a big hot topic. Some of the songs in this movie are still entertaining everyone, and that glory goes to Vishwanath, who made the movie, and Sobhan Babu, who acted in it. Sobhanbabu will be black and ugly in this movie.

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