This is just the beginning

The movie ‘Major’ starring Adivi Shesh as the hero. The film was directed by Shashikiran Thikka. Sai Manjrekar and Shobhita Dhulipalla are the heroines. The team says that the film, which was recently promoted to the audience, is gaining popularity. Success Meet was recently held in Hyderabad. Adivi Shesh said, “This film is a tribute to Major Sandeep.

This is just the beginning. We still want to create great images like this. Many people are happy to say that they will join the army after watching this movie. We want to help those who want to join the army and those who are not properly trained in poverty.

We will also do the program in the name of Major Sandeep. ‘ The director said, “Major Sandeep led our team. Batikado is proud to show through our film how great he is as a soldier. Everyone who saw this movie is paying tribute to that brave soldier with tears in their eyes. ‘

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