This is an emotional journey!

The audience will surely believe that there will be something new in the stories chosen by Sudhir Babu. He has been following the same path since the beginning of his career. Sudheer Babu’s latest film directed by Indraganti Mohanakrishna is ‘Aa Attigarhi Ukke Kenaali’. Producers are B. Mahendra Babu and Kiran Ballapalli. It will come before the audience today. On this occasion, Sudhir Babu shared with the journalists on Thursday..

This is my second film with Indraganti Mohakrishna after ‘Sammohanam’. ‘We think we are making a film. There is a dialogue in this movie that says, ‘But the movie takes us’. This film was not made for our combination. I think the story chose us both. This is a love story between a doctor and a film director. Their ambitions, aspirations..conflict between the families mainly runs the story. Along with the love story, family emotions are moving. Even though ‘Sammohanam’ is the background story of the movie… there is no similarity between the two.

A bit stuck character..

Indraganti movie itself feels like an emotional journey. This is one such story. In this film, I will be seen in the role of a commercial film director. I’m a little confused. Living with the desire to look different from others. My theory is that commercial films should also have elements that are useful to the society. Director Indraganti Mohankrishna has designed my role in a very new way. According to the story, Viveksagar has provided excellent music.

Thinking about directing..

I have worked with many new directors. After observing them closely, he became interested in directing. Think about directing in the future. My journey as an actor has been fulfilling. ‘Brahmasta’ got an offer from Bollywood. Couldn’t because I was busy with ‘Seduction’ at that time. Currently doing films like Hunt, Mamamaschindra and UV Creations. Also going to make a film with ‘Sehari’ director Gnana Sagar.

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