This baby’s worst job to look beautiful.. People who are shouting..!?

Film industry is the world of glamor. In this glamor field, every heroine wants to be beautiful.. to look beautiful.. Similarly, stars who enter the film industry as child actresses and then get opportunities as heroines also do the same. But in this sequence, beauty Esther Anil’s dirty work to enhance her beauty was leaked on social media and went viral.

Not to mention Esther Aneel. She acted in many Malayalam movies and earned good recognition for her performance. She scored good marks as a child actress. But the present will try for opportunities as a heroine in this Ammadu movie. That’s why taking big decisions at a young age makes it a target of trolling on social media.

Esther Anil takes various treatments to enhance her beauty. In this order, the seller is using various kinds of medicines to make her body shine. People say that she puts her life at risk because she believes that by wearing those medicines, her skin will be more shiny. Moreover, moviegoers are shocked to see her greed to become a heroine at such a young age. People say that it is wrong to take tablets like this to increase beauty for the sake of beauty, that too at such a young age. Let’s see what this baby will do..?

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