This actor married for the fourth time without divorcing the third wife, what will happen now, what does the law say?

Naresh Babu Marriage: South actor and Mahesh Babu’s cousin Naresh Babu has recently married actress Pavitra Lokesh. This is his fourth marriage and because of this he is in discussion. Photos during the wedding are viral on social media and fans are congratulating them on this special occasion. But there is a screw in this marriage which can spoil the work of Naresh Babu. Actually, Naresh Babu has got married for the fourth time without divorcing his third wife. This is against the Hindu marriage law. In such a situation, Naresh Babu can also get stuck in trouble. Let us know what Hindu law says and what are the rules of marriage. What are legal rules? According to Hindu law, it is believed that if any of the couple who are already married wants to remarry, then they have to divorce their partner. According to the Hindu Marriage Act, a person can remarry only after being legally separated. If someone marries another without divorcing his partner, then it will be considered invalid according to the Hindu Marriage Act. read this also- Ram Charan said about RRR’s Natu-Natu like Olympic gold medal for Oscar India According to this, it can be said that in the case of Naresh Babu, his third wife Ramya is the only person who has the right to She can file a case against this marriage of Naresh Babu. However, no action has been taken on this matter from Ramya’s side so far. Seeking your blessings for a life time of peace & joy in this new journey of us. (@ItsActorNaresh) March 10, 2023 Ramya has refused to divorce Tell that Ramya has already said that she will not divorce Naresh. Naresh and Ramya fell in love and both got married. The couple also has a son from this marriage. Some time ago, Ramya had said on this matter that- I have suffered a lot for my son. I will be with my husband. No matter what happens, I will never divorce him. Read this too- Priyanka Chopra Pics: You are looking so cute – Fans got hooked on Priyanka’s pictures What did Naresh say on the fourth marriage? Naresh is very happy about his fourth marriage. While sharing the video on Twitter on this special occasion, he said- New beginning, God bless you all and I live a peaceful married life. a sacred relationship. Two brains, seven steps and expect blessings from all of you. Your holy king Let us tell you that the fans are congratulating the couple a lot on this occasion.

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