They rule Tollywood!

Amalapal is a well-known heroine to Tamil as well as Telugu audiences. Recently, this star, who has reduced the noise in movies, is also acting in web series. She got married to director Vijay and got separated after a few years and then focused on her career. But Amalapal is also a hot topic in the film industry with some comments from time to time. Recently, her comments that the Telugu film industry is ruled by film families and fans have become a topic of discussion in the Telugu film industry.

In a recent media interview, when asked what is the reason for not appearing in Telugu films, Amala replied, ‘I learned one thing while doing films in Telugu. Here mostly inheritance trend runs. Their descendants and fans have the upper hand in the Telugu film industry. Movies and characters are also different. Some movies have two heroines. There are love scenes and songs with both of them. Glamor is given more importance in commercials. That’s why I didn’t get close to Telugu movies. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I do fewer films here,’ she said.

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