“They are my loneliness”..Samantha’s sensational post is viral..!!

Samantha, who has earned a name as a Tollywood star heroine, is in a present position. Samantha, who has earned the status as a star heroine, is suffering from a rare disease called myositis. I went to South Korea to get treatment for DE..recently I came to India. Meanwhile, Samantha has officially announced that she is suffering from a rare disease called Myositis as part of the promotions of Yashoda movie, where she acted at the first time pan India level.

Since then, people have been commenting on Samantha through social media asking her to recover quickly and do films as usual. But Samantha’s fans are feeling sad that there is no one by Samantha’s side in such a time. At the same time, Samantha’s recent tearful scenes at the Shakunthalam trailer launch event also deeply touched Samantha’s fans.

But in this order, some people made special comments to Samantha saying that she needs support. But in response to such people..” In addition to my loneliness, she shared photos of her puppies (Hash and Sasha) and said, “Posted . Some people are making her post viral by saying that Samantha indirectly said that she likes to trust animals more than humans..!!

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