These are the Tollywood heroines who have become adulterers…!

Some of the heroines in Tollywood were flattered by acting as adulterers. Doing glamor roles is easy for any heroine. But to act as adulterers, one has to excel in acting. It is not easy to develop adulterous character. Ramya Krishna, Anushka and Charmy who are star heroines are not the only ones.. Sneha who plays homely characters also acted as an adulteress in a movie. And who are those heroines who acted as adulterers? Let’s see what those movies are.

Ramya Krishna:
South India came to know how powerful a heroine Ramya Krishna is with Rajinikanth Narasimha’s movie. Ramya, who has become an unstoppable craze in all languages ​​of South India, has become popular internationally with the Baahubali series of films. Ramya, who played an adulteress in Kamal Haasan’s Panchatantram, was well appreciated for her role in the film. Later she played this role in the movie Super Deluxe.

Beauty beauty Anushka has opened the gates of glamor right from the start of her career. But her role as Devasena in Baahubali made her famous. Five years after Anushka entered the industry, she brought tears as an adulteress in the film Vedam directed by Krish. She has become a highlight in Veda with her acting with the same expressions as the real adulterers seduce men.

Shriya Pavitra, who became a star heroine, played an adulteress in the movie. In this role, Sriya has shown how adulterers are crushed under the cover of political leaders. She got good marks with this role.

Although Sneha is not a real Telugu girl, we imagine her as a Telugu actress. Sneha Family has done mostly with likable characters. Later Bhaktirasa also impressed with the characters. But unexpectedly, Sneha acted as an adulteress in the Tamil movie Padupettey.

Whatever movie Charmy does, the gates of beauty have to be lifted. Charmy impresses with beauty before acting. At the end of Charmy’s career, she acted as a prostitute in Jyothilakshmi directed by Puri Jagannath. But this role is not so impressive. This movie was a flop… after that Charmy’s career fell to the bottom and she took up the avatar of a producer.

Jayam captured the hearts of the youth with the movie. After that, she acted in Telugu with Balakrishna and Shankar’s directorial Aparichitudu in Kollywood, but she did not succeed as a star heroine. After that why she didn’t get opportunities. In the movie Chiraku Torchlight, she played the role of a raw prostitute who gets crushed by lorry drivers on the side of the road.

In Boy Class.. Girl Mass movie, Haripriya also appeared as a girl who falls in love with the hero while committing adultery.
Sangita also once acted in homely roles. At the end of her career, she acted in this role in the movie Dhanam when the opportunities dwindled.
The once hot anchor Udayabhanu also entered films after that. She impressed as a prostitute who seduces men in the movie Madhumathi.

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