There was a ruckus on Twitter with Ajay Devgan regarding Hindi, Kicha Sudeep believes – someone else is the mastermind behind the whole controversy

A few months ago, a debate broke out on Twitter between Kannada actors Kicha Sudeep and Ajay Devgan over the Hindi language. This debate had taken the form of controversy on social media. During an event in the month of April, Kicha Sudeep had said that ‘Hindi is no longer the national language’. Ajay Devgan also reacted after his such statement. Ajay Devgan wrote a big note on Twitter, tagging Kicha Sudeep. Let us tell you that there was a lot of controversy over this statement of the South actor. Now after three months, Kicha Sudeep has again clarified while talking on this issue.

This is the work of a third person

Recently, South actor Kicha Sudeep has reacted to this issue during an interview. Sudeep said that Ajay Devgan cannot tweet like this, surely some third person has done such a thing. Kichcha Sudeep was asked whether he and Ajay Devgn are ‘friends’ after the Twitter controversy that happened three months ago? Responding to this, Kicha Sudeep said. Ajay Devgan is a wonderful person. He is a gentleman. There is nothing between us. I am telling you 100 per cent that there was a minor misunderstanding. He tweeted me, but he is so sweet that he retweeted and said, ‘I got my answer Sudeep, thank you for clearing it.’

Ajay Devgan gave the answer in Hindi

It should be noted that this matter is of April 27. Actor Ajay Devgan wrote the first tweet for Kicha Sudeep in Hindi language, while Sudeep replied in English. He also told then that he could have chosen to answer in Kannada, which meant that Ajay could not understand his point. After this answer, Kicha Sudeep got the support of the fans as well as the celebs.

Kicha Sudeep faced criticism

Let us tell you that this debate which started on Twitter had turned into a controversy. Many people also criticized Sudeep a lot and called his statement ‘anti-Hindi’. However, Kicha Sudeep does not agree on this. He says that he loves the Hindi language and it belongs to him as much as Hindi speakers in the country.

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