There is no scene for her face.. Kantara director who insulted Rashmika badly.. !!

Everyone knows the craze of Rashmika Mandana, who gained popularity as a Tollywood star heroine. Rashmika Mandana is trending in the top range on social media with a fan following that surpasses that of a star hero. Everyone knows the controversy Rashmika Mandana has with Present Kantara director Rishib Shetty. For a few days now, two star celebrities have been making the quarrels between them official.

Meanwhile, Rashmika Mandana finally responded.. “The media doesn’t know what we talked about.. I wanted to talk to the director of Kantara.. I saw the film.. The film unit responded positively”. But recently Kantara director’s behavior seems to have defamed Rashmika Mandana indirectly. It is known that Rashmika Mandana entered the industry through Kirrak Party. On the occasion of six years of the release of this movie, he posted it on Twitter.

“Even though it’s been six years since the release of our film..the buzz you made for us in the theaters..I still remember..I will take you back to those days..Thank you to everyone who was a part of this celebration” said Rishib Shetty to the hero Rakshit Shetty..and the name of the production company. Music director.. Lokanadh was tagged. The big heroine Rashmika Mundanna’s name was not tagged. In this order, once again the names of Rashmika and Rishabh Shetty are trending as a hot topic on social media. There are reports on social media that she did not tag Rishabh’s name..there are still fights between them.

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