Then Shanmukh.. Now Srihan.. Same romantic touch.. Enjoyment with Siri is not usual..!!

Srihan, Siri these names need no new introductions. Social media YouTubers who have gained popularity through many web series and short films on social media while proving their talent. He said once again that people will support any person if they have talent. Meanwhile, this couple who fell in love while doing web series short films also got engaged. This couple is going to get married soon.

Wearing hot dresses with a physique that exceeds that of the heroine keeps trending as a hot topic from time to time. We know that Siri went as one of the contestants in Bigg Boss 5 and got a place in the top five. Not only that, but everybody knows that Shanmukh Jaswant, who entered the season as a star YouTuber, ran Ammadu. Wow those hugs .. those kisses .. those touchings .. not to say but to see the enjoyment . But these lovers who are doing all this are not mine.

Already Shanmukh .. Deepti loves Sunaina. The whole world knows that. However, why are you so close to Siri? Even if Siri is engaged to Srihan, why did she kiss and hug him, there is still no answer to the question. But after seeing all this Deepti Sunaina came out and said break up. Unfortunately the good couple got separated. But Srihan is enjoying himself.

Everyone has the belief that Sreehan, who entered Bigg Boss 6 with Siri’s popularity, will definitely be in the top five. Recently, Siri entered the Bigg Boss house for Srihan. The entry was made very hot in black sari. Moreover, she hugged Srihan tightly and expressed her love. That’s why she got Srihan tattooed on the back of her neck as a surprise for Srihan. Seeing that surprise, he hugged her tightly from behind. After seeing these visuals, Shanmukh’s fans are burning. Are you going to hug everyone like this? You were like this with Shanmukh in the past, now you are like this with Srihan, who are you going to leave? Moreover, the visuals of Shanmukh hugging Siri on social media..Sreehan is comparing the visuals of Shanmukh hugging and trolling saying it’s the same touch. Anyway, the sin of Siri breaking up a couple has gone viral on social media.


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