Then I got into trouble

Star hero Ram Charan said that ‘RRR’ was the most hard-working film of his career and he faced difficulties during the filming. He recalls that the shooting of the film, which lasted for 35 days, made him sweat. Ram Charan is participating in a national conference organized by a private organization. He was a special attraction in this program. In this meeting, Ram Charan said…”RRR’ will remain a special film in our careers.

It has brought recognition at national and international level. We have worked extremely hard for this film. Shooting for my introduction scene was the worst I’ve ever been in my career. I had to work for shooting for 35 days. The reason for this is the attention that director Rajamouli takes in every scene and strives for perfection. Anyway, I am happy to be a part of a rare film. Currently acting under the direction of Ramcharan Shankar. It is known that he is going to do a film with ‘Bimbisara’ director Vashishta.

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