Then Bhumika…now Ileana..dondu donde..!!

Glamor is very important to become a heroine in the film industry.. To grow as a star heroine. Heroines are not cared at all in the world of cinema without glamour. While Bhumika, who shook the industry in the past, will take her life forward by doing senior characters in the present second innings. As we know Bhumika acted with almost all the heroes. She has pleased people with her own style by doing films in Telugu – Tamil – Hindi.

At that time, we know that the movie “Khushi” by Bhumika – Pawan Kalyan hooked the boys. Especially if that waist scene comes on TV by now, the boys will cry. That’s why they play that video over and over again on YouTube. Bhumika tempted the boys with her hot waist. But it must be said that Ileana is the one who got such a crazy position after Bhumika.

There are already many heroines like Tamannaah, Pooja Hegde, Rashmika Mandanna and Samantha in the film industry. But who could not show the beauty of the belly like Ileana. It must be said that no one has such a belly. People are saying that how Bhumika rocked the film industry then, Ileana is the only beauty who rocked the industry in that range. But then Bhumika took over the film industry for a few years and went from place to place. Now Ileana has also rocked the industry in a similar range and has gone from place to place. Both Tollywood and Bollywood are far away and limited to social media.

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