Theaters cannot be filled with ordinary stories

Dil Raju has become a force in the Telugu film industry. He left his mark in the fields of film production, distribution and exhibition. He has produced more than 50 films under the banner of Sri Venkateswara Creations and is known as a successful producer. Naga Chaitanya’s new film ‘Thank’ is produced with his brother Sirish as the hero. Directed by Vikram K Kumar, this movie is going to hit the screens on 22nd of this month. On this occasion, Dil Raju spoke about the features of the film and the current situation in the industry in a recent interview.

Why compare this movie with your life?

All of us have been helped by others at one point or another. After a few years of life, we forget them all. Many people have supported me in my life from studying, doing automobile business and distribution, to becoming a producer. It was interesting to see how our emotions would be on the day we thanked them all. After hearing this story I met many people who helped me.

The reason for telling the story with different stages of the hero’s life?

Four years ago, when BVS Ravi told this story, I felt the same. An ordinary boy goes to great heights. But after success, he thinks that everything is his own merit. That is not true, there are many people who helped him. This movie is an attempt to thank them.

What do you say about Vikram K Kumar’s work as a director?

Vikram’s films ‘Manam’, ’13B’ and ‘Ishq’ were super hits. Also ’24’, ‘Hello’, ‘Gang Leader’ movies are new but failed to please the audience completely. I have seen his movies and told him pluses and minuses. He turned this movie into his style and directed it beautifully.

How was Naga Chaitanya’s performance?

Acting in three getups is not a common thing. He slimmed down for the college scenes, grew a beard in the teenage portions and got a new look. He also changed his decent getup as a businessman. Thus his character will be played in three variations. Chaitu understands director Vikram’s ideas very well.

The situation at the theaters is not as expected

People are completely limited to OTTs in the time of covid. They are used to new type of movies and web series. So now it is becoming difficult to attract them to theatres. Increase in ticket rates is burdening the common man. Due to these reasons, the number of people coming to the theaters has decreased. The situation is similar not only here but also in Bollywood. For the film ‘Hit’ which I produced in Hindi, on normal days the openings should have been 15 crores, but only 6.7 crores were received. But the pandemic came and fell. As a result, the income did not come and they had to bear losses of 3.4 crore rupees.

What topics were discussed in the recent producers’ meeting?

We mainly discussed what kind of movie we are showing to the audience. We wanted to focus more on the content. Limiting OTT release is another key point. I have shelved around 10 scripts that I thought were okay in the past and also stopped shooting two projects.

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