The words of Johnny Master who is shaking the industry..his strong warning..!!

Our elders keep telling us that we should think and speak every word we speak ..think four times ..we can move forward in life only if we think and speak. Especially the celebrities in the film industry..people with celebrity status should think and talk about everything. Pusukkunna Noru Jarara has to be trolled on social media. Choreographer Johnny Master is currently facing the same position.

Not to mention Johnny Master. With a different style of choreography, he is jumping in a range in Tollywood and Bataliwood. Moreover, he has acted as a judge for many TV shows in the past. Johnny Master’s mischief with Anasuya in a show aired on Zee Telugu is not all. At the same time, he put his saree in his mouth and took more steps and encouraged the boys. Johnny is a master at choreographing so spontaneously. The song “Arabic Kuthu” which became the highlight of the recently released movie “Beast” followed by the song “Rakkamma” was composed by Johnny Master.

But the comments made by him in a recent interview have now become viral on social media. As we know, previously Johnny Master acted as a judge for Dhi show which is being aired on ETV. Meanwhile, there is always a negative campaign going on in the social media about the show. Netizens keep commenting that the show will have everything except dance.. More importantly, the contestants stop dancing and do circus, romance, etc. In response to such comments, Johnny Master gave a strong warning saying, “Everyone write it down.. If anyone speaks wrongly about the show again.. I will not rest at all.” Because of this, some people are trolling Johnny Master in a range on social media. “What is your link with this show..what is the pain of that show.” Let’s see if Johnny Master will respond to the comments..?

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