The top secret that no one knows about Chiranjeevi..he still does it..!!

Tollywood Megastar Chiranjeevi This name needs no special introduction. Another nickname for Pratibha. The mega star, who struggled with her own legs without any help and became a heroine in the industry, entertained the masses with more than 150 films. Chiranjeevi has seen many flop movies and hit movies in his career.. Any movie is a flop, any movie is a hit.. But his performance in that movie got good marks.

While Chiranjeevi has been keeping an equal balance between his professional life and his personal life, there are many bitter incidents in his life. The megastar prefers to remember the happy moments rather than the hardships in his life. He said the same thing in an interview. Moreover, it seems that Chiranjeevi still has a prank habit. From the beginning, Chiranjeevi was very fond of alum jaggery. Generally people with star status do not like such foods.

Once eaten but after attaining star status, concentration is done on costly food. But Chiranjeevi is not like that, he never leaves his favorite food.. Even now, Chiranjeevi hides alum jaggery in the kitchen and eats it. Moreover, he himself said in an interview that everyone in their house would be surprised to see it. Apart from this, Chiranjeevi also likes mother’s hand cooking very much. He likes to eat fish curry cooked by mother. Chiranjeevi likes to eat whatever curry his mother cooks. Even at this age, Chiranjeevi still eats rice from his mother’s hand.

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