The top director who ruined his career by madly loving Mahanati Savitri…!

Everyone knows that Mahanati Savitri married Gemini Ganesh who changed her career. However, very few people know that a person entered Savitri’s life before Gemini Ganesh. He said that Savitri’s family also knew about this.

సావిత్రికి తెలుగు వారి కంటే కూడా.. త‌మిళ‌నాడు వాసుల‌తో ఎక్కువ‌గా అనుబంధం ఉండేది. త‌మిళ న‌టీన‌టులు.. సావిత్రిని చూసి నేర్చుకునేందుకు వ‌చ్చేవారు. త‌మ షూటింగులు అయిపోగానే.. సావిత్రిని వెతుక్కుంటూ వ‌చ్చిన సంద‌ర్భాలు అనేకం ఉన్నాయి. ఇలానే పిళ్ల‌య్ అనే ద‌ర్శ‌కుడు కూడా సావిత్రిని వెంబ‌డించాడు. ఆమె ఎక్క‌డుంటే.. అక్క‌డ‌కు వ‌చ్చేసేవాడు. Gummadi wrote that.

Gummadi explained that Pillai is also a famous director who made many films. However.. he used to finish his shootings early and come to Savitri’s place to watch her performance. It was in this background that he met Savitri. Unfortunately, Savitri was already in love. Pillai, who did not know about this, proposed to her in Tamil.

Moreover.. as Gummadi was also a friend, he thought to send some message to Savitri through him. పెళ్లిచేసుకుంటాను.. కొంచెం చెప్పు Gummadi wrote about Pillai as requested. However, Gummadi Sardi said that she was already in love.. She is Gemini Ganesh.. She is ready to get married.. Now it is better to say about you. Gummadi told that Pillay suddenly quit movies and left his village. This.. thing..!

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