The Telugu hero who didn’t get into bed without wearing them.. The terrible truth that came out..!?

There are many different types of people in the society, there are many people with different personalities and different mindsets. They don’t care much about all of them. Because common people don’t know about them. But here we are going to talk about a Telugu star hero. Even though he is married and has children.. he is still doing movies.. even if he looks good on the outside.. but in that matter he is weak before his wife. He made a mark in the film industry as a man who does not care about bed.

The reason for that is that he trembles when he gets into bed. As he is a star hero who is known to many people, he did not pay much attention to that matter. Don’t have the guts to show what you care about. Because he is heir to some crores. Her wife looks good. It is very modest when it comes out beautifully decorated. But her friends keep mocking her saying that what’s the use in her husband. But the thing that surprises us here is that he sleeps next to his wife with tablets to come twice a week.

Some movie celebrities say that they sleep in a separate bedroom during the rest of the day, which is surprising to hear. Moreover, his fellow star hero’s friends also know about this. People are saying that he is taking such tablets only with their advice, even if he goes to bed without taking them, people say that this hero can’t sleep. Of course, this matter will hurt his fans, but the truth is like fire. Now out. As a result, if this Telugu hero, who we think is a hit hero on screen, gets into bed, his fans are surprised saying zero me.

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