The story itself comes in search of a hero

Hero Kalyan Ram made a distinction for himself by acting in commercial films as well as experimental films. He also showed passion as a producer by producing huge films in NTR Arts company. His new movie is ‘Bimbisara’. This movie is produced by debutant Vashishth under the production of K Harikrishna. Kalyan Ram told about the features of the film in a recent interview on the occasion of the film’s release on Friday.

How did the journey of ‘Bimbisara’ begin?

Director Vasishth told this story less than three years ago. Loved the time travel and fantasy aspects of the story. I said let’s make a movie. After that he changed every role and scene. That’s how this movie took shape.

The reason for trusting a new director and giving a huge film?

When the movie ‘Athanokkade’ was made, it was a big budget movie at that time. I acted in an action movie for the first time. The audience loved it. If the story is good, great films can be made with a new director. If we can give them some time and get good artistes, the result will be good.

How was the experience of playing the role of a king?

He doubted whether he could please the king. Grandfather NTR Raju impressed in his roles. Prabhas showed what a king should be with ‘Baahubali’. If we do not try our best, we will be compared to them and criticized. That’s why I lost weight, got costumes designed, and got a good look with a bite under the eyes. This took two months.

Is it fair to compare your film with ‘Baahubali’?

The action sequences of ‘Baahubali’ were the attraction. Huge battle scenes were shot with thousands of people. There is no such thing in our film. The story is about how an evil king became a good one. We made a time travel movie with socio fantasy elements.

Releasing your film in other languages?

Keeping in mind the budget constraints of my films, we are currently releasing them only in Telugu. If the film is to be taken into other languages, the additional cost will be incurred by the producer. After success here we will definitely release it in other languages.

What is your philosophy on movies?

The hit films I did went to other heroes but finally I got it. I believe that the story will find the hero. I didn’t expect to do a film like this, I don’t know that I will do it in the future.

What are your favorite folk movies?

‘Pathalabhairavi’ by grandfather is my favorite movie. Balakrishna Baba made the movie ‘Bhairavadweepam’ with the inspiration of that movie. Also ‘Jagadekaveerudu Atilokasundari’ starring Chiranjeevi is also my favorite movie.

Being a producer doesn’t do justice to being an actor?

Being a producer put pressure on me. How much is the film costing and what is going on? That is why I am staying away from the production work of the films I act in. I am focusing on acting. I don’t think you should step on both boats.

Producers say that the cost of construction should be reduced

As far as our film is concerned, we have done it within the budget. I am happy as a producer if I look at the film business for the cost. I am not aware of the situation of other producers.

Are you thinking of doing a multistarrer movie with NTR and Balakrishna?

Making multistarrer movies is very difficult. After many years we got a multistarrer like ‘RRR’. Making a film to satisfy the image of two big heroes is not an ordinary thing. Rajamouli was able to impress as a director.

How about NTR 30 movie going to be

In our company, we have announced a film under the direction of Koratala Siva with NTR as the hero. After the success of ‘RRR’, NTR’s image grew worldwide. A film should be made that meets those expectations. That pressure is on me as the producer and on the director Koratala Siva.

Did the adverse conditions near the theaters put pressure on you?

Cinema is the main medium of entertainment for our audience. If you make a good movie, you will definitely come to the theatres. Recently, films like ‘Major’ and ‘Vikram’ have been seen in theatres. We have to make the audience interested with the trailer first. Just seeing it makes you want to go to the theater for a movie. No one can stop the success of a good movie.

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