The story is more important than the Stars

Nazriya Fahadh’s short films have made her a talented actress among southern audiences. She is coming to the screen again after a gap of four years. She is starring opposite Nani in the movie ‘Ante Sundaraniki’. Produced by director Vivek Atreya and produced by Maitree Movie Makers. The movie will be released on the 10th of this month. Nazriya Fahad shared her experiences of starring in the film in a recent interview.

The story is important, not the stars

The story is more important to me as an actress than the Stars. That’s why I did not act in some Star Heroes movies when I got the chance. I’m careful about the stories. Films like the ones I starred in in the past are starting to come up again and again. There is nothing like the joy I get as an actress from acting in template roles. No longer was the break even intentionally taken. The wedding was quick. She was away from the screen for four years after marrying Fahad. He asks if movies can be made. Seeing my co-stars made me feel like I was acting too. My family, however, seemed to need some time off to look after the house.

I mean .. well liked the story

Nani called me for this movie and told me to listen to the story first, take my time .. but not to say that I will not act. Director Vivek loved it when he told the story. It is a movie that everyone who has seen it will happily return to. The entertainment and emotions are impressive. It is rare for all of this to come together in one story. It seemed a pleasure to star in a film like this. I played the role of Leela Thomas in this movie. This is a character who keeps smiling despite the pain inside. In my real life it’s a different character. If fellow actors perform well that effect will take over us as well. I also got better at acting because of acting with Nani.

Nani became a friend

Nani is a good actor. Tanoka does not show the feeling of being a star. We became friends while starring in this film. Took care of me. This project‌ is the reason Nani tried to admit it to me. Acting with seniors like Naresh and Nadia was a great experience.

Dances do not come

Dance I Week‌. Nani dances well. No matter how many steps I take to cheer myself up, director Vivek and Nani would encourage me to say goodbye. The dance master is said to do the best he can. I worked very hard when it came to dances. However it acted as if it was not visible from above.

‘Friendship’ brought both

My husband Fahadh pushed the Telugu audience with the film ‘Pushpa’. I’m getting acquainted with this movie. Both films were produced by Maitree Movie Makers. Wally brought the two of us to Tollywood. Ram Charan, Mahesh Babu, NTR wants to act with all Telugu heroes. While listening to some stories right now. I will announce the new movie soon.

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