The star hero’s wife who had three abortions for an you know anyone..?

Times are changing.. Technology is increasing but still girls are being sacrificed for the heir..? That means yes. Looking at the current situation. In today’s society, women are struggling to compete with men without any difference. They are stepping into the space and showing their strength in their own style. But still somewhere men are trying to trample women. Moreover, when it is known that the girl is in the womb, the fetus is killed in the womb.

Not only common people but also star celebrities are doing the same. Recently, such a thing came out and became a sensation on social media. It has been a long time since the marriage of the hero who has earned a name as a star hero in the industry. The news that this hero, who is very happy in the industry with the present children, has made his wife abort three or four times for the heir, will now go viral.

This hero tried hard for a son after the birth of a girl child. Finally he got a son.. but to get a son he tortured his wife. The news goes viral that she had an abortion three times and indirectly tortured her body with needles. Moreover, the rumors that the star hero’s father had forced an abortion by his daughter-in-law for the sake of an heir went viral at that time. Even now, her name continues to go viral in the industry. But this cute girl who is not seen anywhere outside is seen only in their family functions. Presently this same news will go viral on social media..!!

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