The star heroine who was caught smoking a cigarette there…!

Do heroines smoke cigarettes? Do you take medicine? Do they have any other habits, such questions come naturally. Most of the heroines are doing all these things. It is very common for the heroines of this generation to smoke cigarettes, take drugs, and have affairs. But most of these things don’t come out so quickly. Now some heroines are openly saying what their brand is. They are venting their grievances.

You will be shocked when you know about the heroines who make noise behind the scenes while appearing innocent on the surface. Meanwhile, Bollywood heroine Ananya Pandey was caught by the media cameras while smoking a cigarette. Ananya, who acted in Vijay Deverakonda’s Liger movie, was reported to be a cigarette smoking girl earlier in some Bollywood media. But some dismissed them as gossips. Now they know they are true. Ananya Pandey’s first time smoking a cigarette was booked across the camera.

Ananya attended her cousin Alana Pandey’s Mehndi function. She is very well dressed for this function. As soon as she got out of the car and the media cameras flashed, she went inside and took out a cigarette and lit it. While she was smoking a cigarette, a man at the function took a picture on his mobile phone and left it on social media. After posting it on social media, he deleted it. But many people have already made that screenshot viral.

Due to this, there is a lot of discussion on social media about Ananya’s smoking. Ananya’s fans are angry that they never expected her to become a smoker. Others are commenting that she smokes cigarettes very stylishly. However, many netizens are expressing their opinion that it is routine for heroines to smoke cigarettes.

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