The star director who put his hands there..behaved as Rota with Chandni Chaudhary..!?

Casting couch is very common in the film industry. It’s very common.. Once upon a time casting couch means Whammo casting couch for that heroine. But now people are talking about the casting couch.. “What happened to this heroine along with all the other heroines?” Even the term casting coach has been degraded by some elders in the film industry.

But Chandini Chaudhary is one of the heroines who are strong for the casting couch in the film industry. Not to mention this seller. Chandini Chaudhary, who became popular with the movie Color Photo, was seen to be popular in many ways earlier, but people did not care much. But through the movie “Color Photo” Ammadu’s performance, beauty, expressions and emotions made the people indifferent. Chandini Chaudhary became a star heroine overnight through this movie.

But all the films that came after that were flops and it came back to where it started. Earlier in an interview given to some channels, Chandini Chaudhary said that she faced a casting couch.

Moreover, the news went viral that Chandni Chaudhary was asked for commitment by touching her where the director could not touch her. Moreover, news is going viral on social media that Chandini Chaudhary is looking to enter Kollywood as well. Let’s see whether Kollywood will support Chandini Chaudhary, who cannot be supported by Tollywood..?

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