The shocking reason for such a big fight between the two Jayalalithas…!

Jayalalitha is a great actress who has made a name for herself in the Telugu film industry. If she acted in Telugu… she got a name as a Telugu actress. And if she acts in Tamil… she is labeled as a Tamil actress. Now, if she is seen in Kannada… she is known as our home actress. Such a typical actress.. became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Named as Amma.

However.. in this sequence for some years.. a controversy took place around Jayalalithaa. Jayalalitha Vamsi, who played character roles in Telugu movies, used to act more in the movies, so she used to be more popular in Chennai. However.. in this order.. oppositions.. if they want to make any comments.. they block this Jayalalitha.. they criticize severely.

Jayalalitha’s action, exposing, etc., were heavily criticized by the followers of the opposition former CM Karuna Nidhi. However.. Jayalalitha, who is the CM, is pressuring actress Jayalalitha to change her name as this is a problem for her. However.. her questioning why she should change.. led to controversies.

With this, AIADMK workers… will you tell Amma? Saying.. getting into disputes in front of the house.. etc. used to appear in the papers regularly. This result has reached the Nadigara community. Finally.. Jayalalithaa said on one occasion that this dispute continued till Jayalalithaa came to Hyderabad with Chalapathirao’s instructions.

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