The security guard who touched the hero’s cheek

Ranveer Kapoor Chellmandi. In the red carpet area, Saima was taking a selfie for the fans.. a hand touched the hero. It shocked everyone there. Ranveer Singh, who was a special attraction at the Saima Awards, entered the event area very energetically as usual. In a white and white suit.. walking very stylishly on the red carpet.. also posed for the cameras. He called the fans who were waiting for him at work.. and gave them a selfie. While taking selfies, a boxer came forward to control those taking selfies. While preventing them all from going to the hero, they accidentally touched Ranveer’s cheek with his hand. With this.. Ranveer said Och and held his cheek. With his reaction.. with that video, Nettinta tribe is now getting wired.

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