The movie “Jagadam” was a flop because Ram did it.. If that hero had done it, the box office would have failed..!!

When social media became available, I was saying anything on my face. It doesn’t matter how big the star hero is. Even so, they are defaming the star hero by tagging him. Recently Tollywood energetic hero Ram is facing the same situation. We know that Ram has done many films in his career. Many movies flopped. Only a few films became hits.

But the only movie in it is Jagadam starring Ram. Director Sukumar, who was introduced to the Telugu film industry with the movie Arya, earned a good name as a director with this movie. This movie has received good success at the box office. But after the biggest blockbuster, Sukumar got a disaster with the movie Jagadam.

In fact, if Dil Raju was told the story of Jagadam, Sukumar did not like it at all because he said that the story was not correct and Dil Raju said to change the story and make a film. Unable to argue with Dil Raju, Sukumar released the movie Jagadam with another producer. But earlier Mahesh Babu was thought to be the hero of this movie..the story was also narrated but Mahesh Babu..didn’t like this story..he rejected this movie.

Later that story reached Ram. But the opinion of the netizens is that it would have been better if Mahesh Babu had done this story instead of Ram. If Mahesh Babu had actually made this movie, it would have been a hit. This movie became a complete flop after making Ram. Currently, Sukumar is busy with Pushpa 2. He is definitely trying to make another biggest blockbuster with this movie..!!

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