The meaning of the movie business has changed

‘There has been a lot of change in the field of cinema since Corona. OTTs introduced the audience to world cinema. At present, they cannot be brought to theaters with simple storylines, ‘said top producer Bunny Vasu. His film ‘Pakka Commercial’, produced under the banner of GA2, will be released on July 1. Today is Bunny Vasu’s birthday. He was spotted with reporters on Friday on the occasion.

Current audiences are coming to the theater if there is something new. The responsibility of the producers also became critical after Corona. Now someone has to re-understand the movie trade. Before choosing a story, is it for a theatrical release? Or for OTT? Should come to clarity on whether. There are situations where going forward without proper understanding can be severely damaging. I want it to take another couple of years for the producers to absorb the changes that have taken place in the film industry since Corona.

Movie with Allu Arjun after ‘Pushpa-2’

We are going to release the film ‘Pakka Commercial’ produced by our company on July 1. Gopichand ‘style action, director Maruti style comedy mixes good entertainment with the audience. No messages, no mention of serious issues. Now we are going to release the ’18 pages’ image produced by our GA2 company on September 10th. ‘Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha’ is ready for Dussehra release.

We are also going to do a movie with Chandu Mondetti. We are making the story based on real events that took place in Srikakulam. There will also be a film directed by Pawan Sadineni. After the completion of ‘Pushpa-2’, Allu Arjun is going to make a film under the banner of Geeta Arts. Details of the project will be announced in October. The producers want the interval between theatrical and OTT releases to be longer. It is learned that an agreement has been reached in Bollywood to have an eight-week gap. Producers and exhibitors are also in talks in the South.

Should be available to everyone

Ordinary spectators are troubled by the increase in ticket prices. Money can come with big openings for big movies, but with a high ticket rate, audiences will move away from the theater in the future. Our GA2 company prefers to have ticket prices that are acceptable to the audience and to the producers.

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