The Elephant Whisperers: ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ Wins Oscar for Best Documentary Short Film

Tollywood raised its eyebrows with Tripular’s Oscar win. Indian documentary short film The Elephant Whisperers also won an Oscar at the 95th Academy Awards. The Elephant Whisperers documentary short film made in Tamil won the Oscar. The documentary is directed by Karthiki Gonslaves and produced by Guneet Monga. Guneeth Monga received the Oscar award in Los Angeles. In 2019, Period End of Sentence won an Oscar in the Best Documentary Short Film category. Then she was among those who produced the documentary from America.

This is a documentary that shows the life of an elephant from childhood to adulthood. It has already received many awards at the international stage. The documentary was the subject of worldwide debate as it was even nominated for an Oscar. People were surprised that a documentary was made for five years. This is a documentary that tells us that wild animals do not touch us and we should leave them to suit their lifestyle. It has shown that if you make friends with them, you will become like one of the family. Set in Mudumalai Forest, The Elephant Whisperers says that the concept of elephants being destructive is wrong.

The documentary shows how a mother who lost her daughter raised an elephant named Raghu as a child. A woman and a man who meet for the responsibility of taking care of that elephant… their minds get married. The content is emotionally moving as an elephant family. This is the first time since the inception of the Oscars in 1929 that our Indian films have been nominated the most. Moreover, while everyone is eagerly looking at RRR in the Oscar nomination this time, two more nominations have come and made everyone swell with pride. Best Documentary Short Film in the race.

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