The climax of Nagarjuna Shiva’s movie is in Swapnalok complex.. See for yourself how the building was 34 years ago.

A total of six people lost their lives in a fire accident at Swapnalok Complex in Secunderabad. The most unfortunate thing is that these six are also underage. Their families are struggling now. On this occasion, along with CM KCR, many prominent people expressed grief over the Swapnalok complex incident. Deepest condolences to the families of the deceased. In this sequence, famous film director Ram Gopal Varma reacted to the Swapnalok fire accident. He said that this incident is very sad and told many interesting things about Swapnalok Complex. He recalled that the climax of Nagarjuna’s super duper hit movie Siva was shot on top of the Swapnalok complex. RGV stated that the fighting sequence between Nagarjuna and Raghuvaran at the end of the film was shot there. To this extent, Verma also shared a video related to this on Twitter. Now this video has gone viral on social media.

You should also take your dog.

Ramgopal Varma reacted strongly to Mayor Vijayalakshmi’s tweet saying that he had gone to Swapnalok complex earlier and was monitoring the rescue operations. Didn’t you take the dogs too? They insulted the mayor. Meanwhile, there is another angle behind the deaths in Swapnalok complex. The family members of the deceased are saying that they are operating in the name of Qnet after investing lakhs of rupees in the name of chain marketing and now they have created a risk for insurance.

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