The blow of the political season.. audience drought for theaters..!

As usual, people are not coming to big movies or theaters for a few days. Apart from that, now that the political season has started, the audience is not showing much interest in coming towards the theatres. Movies that bring them to the theaters have not been released in recent times. That is why people are staying at home. Apart from that, no one is showing much interest in coming to the theaters as good movies are being released in OTT. Even though there is still a month and a half left for the elections in AP, the political heat is already running well.

Moreover, the case of Janasena and Telugu Desam seats is also interesting. Apart from all this, they are hurling words at each other. That’s why the audience is not showing much interest to watch the theatres. If there are movies that will definitely bring them to the theater, they will step outside the house. But it becomes interesting how many more days it will take to release such a movie. Varun Tej’s Operation Valentine will release on March 1. Even though there were no big expectations on this movie till now.. after watching the trailer, the graph increased a lot. The openings also seem to be huge. But even though the situation is good till Telangana, it has become interesting that how much audiences come to the theaters in AP.

If the situation remains like this till the elections, the distributors will surely suffer huge losses. After all the Sankranti movies have collected hugely.. Not even a single movie released in February was a hit. Guntur Karam, Hanuman, Naa Samiranga together collected more than 500 crores. But all the films released in February together did not fetch at least 50 crore share. And if the situation continues like this in March, the industry situation is sure to turn worse.

Movies like Operation Valentine, Gami, Bhima are coming in the next 15 days. But it becomes interesting whether they have the ability to bring openings or not. Tillu Square on March 29. Vijay Devarakonda’s Family Star is coming on April 5. Until these come, the political season in the industry seems to go on like this. On the other hand, the election rush will continue till the third week of April. Even after the new government comes in May, the political heat will not go down. Until then, the industry is in a state of ups and downs.

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