That’s why this Telugu boy is sitting in the sun without pants..? This is anarchy bro..!!

After social media is available ..are this generation’s cuties getting more excited..? If you look at the latest photoshoots, we all know what kind of photoshoots beautiful girls are doing on social media. They are gaining popularity by doing photoshoots in their own style by wearing clothes that are as bad as having clothes on them or not.

But recently the Telugu girl got excited and did a photo shoot without pants. This Telugu boy shakes the internet by releasing a pantless photo on social media where he is sitting with the sun rays falling on him. Do you know who this girl is? Priya Vadlamani. She has done very few films..she has gained popularity very few..she is struggling for that popularity..this time this cutie has appeared on social media without pants.

Recently, her photos are going viral on social media. So far Ammadu looked good in terms of glamor but this time it completely erased the boundaries. Anyway, with the intention of getting opportunities, this time she did a photo shoot without pants and posted it on social media. Guys are commenting like vulgarity in their favorite language on these pics. Currently, this beauty’s pantless photoshoots have gone viral..!!

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