That’s why Sriranja’s love affair with that star hero broke up…!

If you look at old movies… Kasturi Sivarao is a big hero. At that time he used to take remuneration up to 25-50 thousand. At that time they used to sell 2 kg of rice to a Beda (not at all known to today’s generation). An average employee’s monthly salary is 2 rupees. A senior official’s monthly salary is 25 rupees. So.. based on this the remuneration taken by Kasturi Sivarao can be calculated.

What about Pony, Shiva Rao.. Sphuradrupa? That means .. can’t. Bakkapalachana man. Do not eat non-veg. He doesn’t even smoke a cigarette. Cheeks are puckered. Such a hero.. Rs. Earned crores. In this sequence, he fell in love with an old heroine called Sriranjani. She was the child of zamindars. She was brought to the film field by Govindarajula Subbarao.

But.. from the level of nothing.. Kasturi Sivarao, who worked as a clerk for a charted accountant in Vijayawada, Gandhinagar for a salary of half a rupee, making his film debut.. Earning crores.. is not a common thing!! This is what turned his life around. He became more in love with Sriranja. He has no sense of hiding the rupee. They used to spend as they came.

However.. Sriranjani says to avoid this. But, does our man listen? did not hear If someone comes for an opportunity in the film field, he puts them in his room and nurtures them for months until they get an opportunity. Sriranja did not like this. With this, she said that she will talk only if she changes, which made Kasturi very disappointed. It is said that this later made him addicted to alcohol. Finally he died unmarried.

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