That’s why Nabha used to bend so much.

Smart beauty Nabha Natesh sadly does not dance without movies. Suddenly the career stopped as if it had gained momentum. Even if they are well talented, the opportunity providers are scarce. Ammadu had to go back with the first two films. So, the movies made me famous because I was robbed. But it was not a commercial success.

At the same time, Smart Shankar’s film by daring and dashing director Puri Jagannath was an extraordinary commercial success. In this movie, Ammadu’s dialogues showing his waist and belly were liked by the mass audience. With that, Chaka Chaka got a chance to do movies. This is where Nabha Natesh took wrong steps.

In the movies that came out, she went on to accept the ones that were not the best. As a result, those films flopped in a row. Ammadi’s career fell into a dilemma. Nabha has not got a single film since last year. Spends time with photo shoots. However, her fans who are unable to see her on the silver screen are somewhat happy here.

She has been doing hot photo shoots showing her inner beauty as just for you and releasing it on social media accounts. Some kind of bait for the makers too. Some even say that all this is showing for the sake of bad luck. And again, any director like Puri can match Nabha’s beauty at a glance. Or if Purine makes a sequel to Smart Shankar’s movie again and gives a chance to sell it, we have to see if it will turn.

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