That’s why I took the gap!

Sandeep Madhav has made a name for himself as a talented actor with his films ‘Vangaveeti’ and ‘George Reddy’. His latest film starring him as the protagonist is ‘Gandharva’. Apsara is introducing himself as a director. Will be released on July 1st. On this occasion, Sandeep Madhav on Sunday told reporters, ‘In this film, I look like a man serving in the army. What would his mood be like if he had to go to war the next day of the wedding? What decision did he make at that moment? That would be interesting. It is a fantasy thriller set between 1971 and 2021. The Kimpurus and Gandharvas in the Puranas have no death. Appear eternally young. The character I played in this movie also looks like a young man in his fifties. An interesting point in the film is why that happened. This background story lays a large plateau for family affiliations.

Military is the only hero theme in this movie. The whole story runs the center of fantasy. ‘ Sandeep Madhav said that he has done biopic films so far and it is the first romantic film he has acted in in his career. ‘Biopic’ wants to get out of the impression of being the hero of films. That’s why I took a little gap between these. While currently focusing on different storylines. Suresh Kondetti is happy to release ‘Gandharva’ through SK Films. He is currently working on a film titled ‘Mas Maharaj’. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. I am looking forward to better opportunities in OTT, ”said Sandeep Madhav.

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