“That’s it..What doesn’t come to anyone else comes to him”. Like flattering..?

Not to mention Nani who has gained fame as a natural star hero of Tollywood. Very few people know that Nani, who entered the film industry as a hero through Ashta Chamma, worked as an assistant director earlier. Nani, who came into the industry with the determination to become a hero, finally showed his ability as a star hero. Nani recently made sensational comments about director Rajamouli, who is currently working in the Dussehra film.

We all know that I have a special affection for Rajamouli. Rajamouli is also very fond of Nani. This matter has been mentioned in many interviews. Soon Ararar will receive the Oscar award. Rajamouli is going to get hold of Oscar award in next two days. Nani made interesting comments in this order.

He said that hero Nani, who went to Mumbai as part of Dussehra movie promotions, said in a media conference. Rajamouli made everyone look towards the south as Indian cinema. Jakkanna, who can make the impossible possible, carefully examines every scene in his film. One thinks ten times. All the ideas that no one else has come to him. I don’t even understand how those thoughts come,” he said in a funny way. In this order, Nani’s comments on Rajamouli are trending.

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