That Tollywood Bakka heroine is being used by that top political leader…!

She was once a crazy heroine in Tollywood. Coming from the North, she first acted alongside medium range heroes, then acted with all the star heroes in a row after the thin heroine. She acted alongside NTR, Bunny, Cherry and Mahesh. After that, the boy tied the knot next to the heroes. She also acted in Kollywood and scored hits. When she was in swing in Tollywood all the star heroes insisted on having her by their side in their films.

For two or three years, she is the direction of Tollywood. Now with the entry of Pooja Hegde and Rashmika, she fades out. No one is giving chances. But while in form, she backed away. She also got her younger brother shifted to Hyderabad and opened businesses here. She started businesses in two and three centers in Hyderabad and also invested in some businesses in Bangalore and Chennai.

There have been whispers in Tollywood since time immemorial that behind the expansion of her businesses in Hyderabad is her acquaintance with a big, top political leader. In other words, the relationship between the thin heroine and the top political leader has gone far. There were discussions and criticisms on this in the political circles as well. It is said that with the encouragement given by the leader, she invested heavily here and also used him for the expansion of her business. Real estate investments are also good.

For three years the two of them were very close. But recently that fadeout Bakka heroine is getting ready to marry the person she loves. Now the photos and hot stills she posts on Facebook with her future husband are becoming viral. However, it is said that even though the badass heroine has not had any chances in recent times, she has settled down well with the leader Anda.

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