That kind of work with that star hero without his will.. Is Shriya’s character like this..?

As we all know, Shriya Saran, who entered the Tollywood film industry as a heroine through the movie “Ishtam”, impressed us by acting in her own style. The star turned into a heroine within a very short time of entering the industry. Most importantly, if the girl is showing her belly and twisting her waist those waist folds the curves of the waist, guys will melt.

Shriya Saran is still a heart while maintaining such a hot physique. While Shriya acted with many heroes in her career. But while acting with a hero, I felt very embarrassed. She did not want to act with only one hero in her entire career.

Venkatesh is not who he is. Shreya does not want to act with S Daggubati Venkatesh. In this order, Subhash Chandra Bose’s film was rejected two times. But as the director insisted and forced her for this role, Shreya could not refuse. Moreover, there is an apricot song in this movie. Romance in that song is a big goal. However, the director forced it. Will Shriya do romance by looking at the physique..? Is her character like this..? They are angry.

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