That is the secret of success

Top actress Rakulpreet Singh says that if you have passion for your profession, there is no pressure in your work. She said that she has worked with many top heroes in South as well as Hindi, but she never felt pressured. She recently participated in a women’s conference and shared interesting things about her career. She said that while working with top actors, there was a desire to learn many things from them, that’s why she never felt any tension.

She said, ‘I have worked with top heroes like Akshay Kumar, Suriya and Allu Arjun. Working with such stars gives us professional recognition as well as confidence. That’s why he was never discouraged by the obstacles that came his way in terms of career. Stress and impatience arise only when the love for the profession is lost. The secret of my success is to be brave in the face of adversity. Coming from a family with a military background, I learned how to face challenges at an early age,’ she said.

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