That heroine did everything for the Charan craze… with a firm plan…!

Every Telugu man’s dream for an Oscar award has finally come true with the movie Triple R. The Natu Natu song in this movie won the Oscar award and made Telugu cinema proud all over the world. Director Rajamouli and his team have left no stone unturned in the promotions of this movie. But among the two heroes who acted in this movie, Ram Charan is slightly ahead in terms of Oscar promotions.

Ram Charan went to America earlier than NTR. When Charan left, Charan’s own PR team worked harder than Rajamouli’s team. It is also being discussed in Tollywood that Chiranjeevi himself entered the field and led the entire PR team from behind the scenes. Priyanka Chopra also joined Charan in America. Previously, both of them acted together in the movie Tufaan.

Charan was promoted more strongly with her cooperation. Priyanka Charan plans to meet more Hollywood celebrities. Apart from Charan’s recommendation for some super hit Hollywood programs, it seems that Priyanka Chopra’s help in Hollywood interviews also happened. Charan has not yet landed in Hyderabad. He is currently in Delhi. He is going to participate as a guest in the India Today program there.

Later he is having a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Charan received a warm welcome in Delhi. The entire Bollywood media was deployed at the airport. It seems that even when Charan came to Hyderabad, arrangements were being made for the landing in a manner unknown to anyone. However, Priyanka says that Charan’s popularity in the Hollywood media.

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