That beauty that brings mood to the old man in the bed.. Is that the reason to sit in the corner now?

It must be said that no matter how many heroines there are in the film industry, the craze, that kick, the power that the item girls have, the normal heroines never get. That’s why actresses who are reigning as star heroines also like to do item songs. Especially lately, there are more directors who are changing the heroines items into girls. Sukumar is in the number one place in that list. It is known to all that Sukumar, who has earned a name as a director of Tollywood calculations, turns star heroines into item girls in his films.

But at one time Puri Jagannath was remembered for item songs. Everyone knows how item songs create a sensation in his movies. And especially the item song in the movie Pokiri directed by him shook the industry at that time. Puri Jagannath made the stage tremble with Momait Khan’s hot physique with the catchy lyrics saying “I am sixteen now”. Even now, if this song comes on TV, the boys will say o.

At that time, this song was so crazed that even an old man in bed used to sing with a stick. In that song, Momith Khan gave a passionate performance. With this song she became known as a night star. After that Momith Khan acted in many movies but did not get much craze. Even though Momait Khan acted in the movie Neninthe, but for some reason the people were not impressed. Later she entered Bigg Boss. Even then it could not get the craze. In this order, the present industry went away. People are saying that the reason is her boldness. Who in the industry doesn’t like talking like it is. But even if there are no offers in Momith Khan’s industry, it is said that I will not kill my character. It is because of that that the talk that Momait Khan is away from the industry is heard strongly.

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