Than Kurra Beauties..Katti Lanti Antile ..the best for that..!!

Film industry is a glamorous world. What is the condition of the heroes? If the heroines are not glamourous, people will not be able to see them. No matter how hot a beauty is, if it is shown where it is supposed to be shown, people will not be able to turn their eyes away.

But in recent times not only the young beauties in the film industry but also the aunties who have passed the age are exposing their beauty. Aunties are also gaining a huge fan following by sharing hot photoshoots on social media. The young beauties Sri Leela and Kriti Shetty, who recently entered the film industry, are doing photoshoots..character artists who are over 50 years old..anti-heroines are also doing such exposures.

Lately, the beautiful aunties who play character artist roles are also doing hot photo shoots on social media. Because of this, people are liking aunties more than boy beauties. People are making comments saying that aunties are better than boy beauties, no wonder they are cast as heroines. But boys say that the enjoyment of seeing aunties like swords is not the same as seeing young beauties..!!

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