Telangana film to celebrate Pan India

The movie ‘Dussehra’ is a hit in theatres. Nani said that the whole country is waiting for this movie from the tours done during the promotional programs. The film ‘Dasara’ directed by Srikanth Odela as his protagonist. Sudhakar is the producer of Cherukuri. Keerthy Suresh is the heroine. It will be released simultaneously in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi languages ​​on 30th of this month. On this occasion, Nani said in a meeting organized on Saturday, ‘After the release, director Srikanth will be talked about very highly.

They forget me and Keerthy Suresh and only remember the roles of Dharani and Vennela that we played. Director Srikanth showed a new world with this movie. This is a film that Pan India will celebrate along with Veerlapalli region of Telangana’, he said. Actress Keerthy Suresh said that the role of Vennela she played in this movie will be remembered forever. Producer Sudhakar Cherukuri said that he has been waiting to do this film with Nani for three years and it is a film that will be liked by the whole country. Dixit Shetty said ‘This movie is a masterpiece. It will stand as a milestone in my career’, he said. Director Srikanth Odela said that it is a film that will be liked by everyone regardless of language differences.

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