Tarakaratna was subjected to so much torture.. did he suffer so much… a heart-wrenching letter…!

It has been a month since Nandamuri Tarakaratna left this world. However, the memories of Tarakaratna still linger in the minds of many. Tarakaratna is a good person by nature. It is not the mindset to go into conflict with anyone. A man with the mentality to greet everyone with great affection. It must be said that Tarakaratna and his wife Alekhya Reddy fought a battle to live together. Both of them became one after overcoming many obstacles. Married and started a new life. However, both of them happily worked together for ten years.

But Tarakaratna left this world in a strange drama played by fate. No matter how much, the pain of not having a husband will continue to burn Alekya Reddy like that. As a sign of their love, daughter Nishika and twins Tanay Ram and Rhea were born. Alekhya Reddy has been posting on social media from time to time, remembering the sweet moments of her husband with her.. Reading these posts is very sad.

Recently she shared another emotional post. This post also looks sensational. Your memories still burn me. Our friendship turned into love. Although I was a bit worried… you said with great confidence that we are definitely going to live together. Since then you have fought a lot for that moment and married me. A mess on our marriage.. I am very happy that you are my side even if we are discriminated against.

When Nishkamma was born, our life changed and our happiness doubled. But the difficulties remain. We live blindfolded to avoid the hatred that pours upon us. You are away from your family. We always dreamed of having a big family of our own.
That dream came true in 2019 with the birth of twins. You suffered a lot till your last breath. No one understands the pain in your heart. No one paid attention to it.

We cannot bear it when our hearts are repeatedly hurt by the people we love the most. Even when faced with such situations.. I was left helpless as I could not do anything. You are a real hero.. we are all proud of you. Alekya wrote with great pain that she hopes we will meet again. Based on this, it is clear from her words that Tarakaratna got married to Alekya… how much she suffered after getting married… how much she was discriminated against by her family.

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