Tammareddy: Tammareddy gave an explanation on RRR’s Oscar promotions comments. What do you think about Nagababu’s comments?

Famous director and producer Tammareddy’s comments that he spent Rs.80 crores for the promotions of ‘RRR’ caused a furor in Tollywood. On any occasion he said these words, Mega Brother Naga Babu and director Raghavendra Rao reacted strongly. Especially Nagababu lashed out at Tammareddy with harsh words. Meanwhile, Tammareddy explained his comments on RRR’s Oscar promotions. He also responded to the comments made by Raghavendra Rao and Naga Babu.’ I participated in a seminar and talked to young directors for about 3 hours. But someone is reacting after hearing only one minute clip of it. In that, while talking about small movies, I talked about the Oscar promotion budget of RRR movie. It hurt that some people made very bad comments on this. One asks for accounts, another says another. Hearing this is very sad and disgusting. Their culture is theirs, my culture is mine. Now I don’t have an identity crisis. I don’t know if they are doing it for identity by targeting me. A few days ago I posted a video congratulating Rajamouli. I also said that RRR is the pride of India. “I don’t know who saw it. But they are commenting on this video. They are also tweeting,” said Tammareddy.

Meanwhile, Tammareddy’s comments on RRR’s Oscar promotions and then Nagababu’s strong reaction has become a hot topic of discussion in Tollywood. Especially Nagababu criticized Bharadwaj with harsh words. Mega Brother first attacked Tammareddy with a post on Facebook and then posted a 10-minute video. Nagababu once again attacked Tammareddy. They made comments with harsh words saying that at least it is useful for dogs. And let’s see where this affair will go.


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