Tamannaah: Heroes do that to get the mood in romantic scenes.. Tamannaah revealed the real secret

Tamannaah : The film industry is a lot of trouble. A lot of sacrifices have to be made. Just knowing acting is not enough. It takes a lot of hard work. Only then does one get an identity. Even after getting star status, he has to act in many objectionable scenes. Be it star heroes or heroines, anyone should do as directed by the director. But.. once you feel like a star, acting in romantic scenes is a bit difficult but inevitable. Especially heroines..

They find it difficult to act in bed scenes and kiss scenes. Some people act as awalis in such scenes. Tamannaah is also in the list of such heroines. Because.. in her first movie Sri, she got excited and acted too much. After that, he was not bothered about the bed scenes. Since Tamannaah had to act in romantic scenes in her first movie, from then on she acted as Awali in any romantic scene.

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Tamannaah: Tamannaah says that no matter what the scene, there is no face

But when it comes to sharing a bed with star heroes, Tamannaah takes a step back. The reason for that is that some star heroes are shy to act in bed scenes. The reason for that is the shooting crew present during the bed scenes. Star heroes used to get embarrassed seeing them. With this, if only the cameraman and the director were missing, there would be no one else there. Then the heroes will act in romantic scenes. Once that scene is over, they will immediately go to their caravan.. said Tamannaah.

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